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We aim to offer useful tips and advice for creating safe, beautiful gardens for both you and your dogs to enjoy.

Dogs & Design

A look at the many ways your garden can be designed to suit the needs of both you and your dog. Tips on basic garden design, as well as providing adequate shade and shelter and secure fencing for your dog.

Garden Safety

We list common hazards to dog safety, and ways in which you can avoid these, and look at security and fencing as is most appropriate for homes and gardens of dog owners.

Names from the Garden

Botantical and horticultural dog names, along with some other more general names we like.

Dogs & Plants

Common toxic plants, as well as lot of suggested dog-friendly plants that should not pose a hazard to your pet.

Garden Fun

We look at ways to help your dog enjoy your garden, through play, and also at kennels, platforms and structures that you can include in your garden for your dog.

Useful Links

Useful supplies for gardens and dogs, as well as suggested books and links for further information.

Our knowledge on the subject has largely been gained from other owners, and we would love to hear your suggestions on futher information to include in these pages. Please do get in touch with comments, tips or pictures you have to share. You can email us at mail@dogsinthegarden.com

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